2019 Piece, Quilt, Love…… Quilt Show

Thanks to Everyone who helped make our 2019 Quilt Show such an AMAZING event!!!

TTFN till our 2021 Show!

2019 Quilt Show Winners

 For more info, please contact Cathy or Allison at wqgquiltshow@gmail.com

It’s All in the Details….. or Everything you need to know about the Quilt Show!

First and foremost – the quilt show is a vehicle to showcase the quilts of ALL our members, to each other, to other quilters and to our community. Our Guild members range from beginner to award winning international quilters and our quilt show will showcase those quilts and everything in between. PLEASE do not think your quilt is not “good enough”!!! It is absolutely “good enough”!! And we want to see it hanging in our show!!

We’re coming up to the deadlines now for the show. Most of which have been discussed at the guild meetings and quilt show meetings, but here it is again:

Quilts being hung in the show are to be delivered to Eagleridge Dry Arena at City Centre Park (1089 Langford Parkway) on Thursday, April 11th, 2019 between 9:30 and 11:30 am. There will be a team of volunteers to take your quilt and check it into the quilt show. The quilt must be pre-registered. Click here for link. The quilt must have a 4” sleeve on the back of the quilt for hanging. Click here for link for a tutorial on quilt sleeves. The quilt SHOULD have a label but is not mandatory. Paper copies of the registration papers are also acceptable vs submi]ng electronically. The deadline for submi]ng quilt registration forms is April 1st

Guild Store. If you are bringing quilt related items to be sold in our guild store, you will bring them to the same place, same time, different intake table. Your store items must be accompanied by an inventory sheet and each item must be tagged. See the beginning of this letter for links to printable Inventory Sheets and Price Tags. If you are printing your own tags, please make sure they are printed on card-stock weight paper. See Carol Jess or Donna Vaesen if you have any questions.   I

Parking. When you come to the quilt show, kindly park as far from the venue as you are comfortable walking. We have reserved extra handicapped parking spaces with the city of Langford for the show, but it’s becer if our members don’t take up the premium parking spots close to the show during the show days. If possible, please arrange to be dropped off and picked up. FYI: the Sarah Beckec Memorial Run will be taking place on Saturday from Belmont School so parking may be at a premium that day!

Food. The take out window in the dry arena has been asked to have sandwiches pre-made during our peak meal times (vs last quilt show where there were substantial wait tmes for food) AND the City Centre Grille at the Bowling Alley will be having Quilter’s Lunch Specials both days. You are welcome to bring a brown bag lunch and eat in our volunteer room or at the food tables on the outside of the arena floor.

Volunteering. We need all hands on deck for the quilt show! Please consider volunteering. There is a wide range of volunteer opportunities. See Diane Sanci to sign up! Even though you might be volunteering at the show, we ask that you pay for a wrist band to gain admission to the show. Monies raised through the admission fees go towards our amazing programs/workshops/and guild activities for the next two years.

Lawn signs. Advertising is how people know what’s going on! Please consider signing out a Lawn Sign from Bonnie Ellioc-Boivin at the next meeting to place on your lawn the week of the quilt show.

 Gala. Jan and Pat have the Gala well in hand with lots of treats and door prizes, live music and coffee/ tea. If you would like to contribute a treat, please contact Jan. Gala Gckets are $12 and include the Gala evening and admission for both days of the show.

Volunteer room. We will have the small room across from the main entrance to the quilt show for our volunteer room. It is a place to rest, stash your coats/purses etc. There is a volunteer on “guard” duty at all Gmes during the show. It is locked at night.

Treasurer. Nancy McIntyre, with Jan Peever as her assistant, will be the Quilt Show Treasurer during the show. All monies from all venues will be accounted for by Nancy, not Allison, during the show.

Demo Corner. Jennifer Watson has a booth to do demonstrations during the show. If you would like to help out by demonstrating a skill please contact Jennifer. Even if you would just like to sit and paper piece or sew on a binding etc…. Please contact Jennifer if you have an idea for demonstrations.

Raffle Baskets. If you have anything to add for the raffle baskets, please contact Pat Kagawa or Nina Neufeld as soon as possible. We have had some AMAZING donations!!

Voting. The public will receive a ballot form upon entry to the show up until noon on Saturday. This ballot will allow them to vote for the Viewer’s Choice Quilt. There will be individual ballot boxes for the Charity Quilt Challenge, the Guild Challenge and the Pre-Disposed to UFOs Challenge. Ballot boxes will close at 1 pm on Saturday.

Every Guild member in good standing, will receive a ballot form upon entry to the show to vote on the quilts in each category. The quilt receiving the most votes combined from the guild members and Viewer’s Choice will receive the Best in Show award. Sawyers is generously offering a sewing machine as a prize. Guild members may vote from Gala opening unGl Friday closing. Ribbons will be hanging on the winning quilts when the show opens on Saturday. Winner of the Charity Quilt Challenge will receive a gip certificate in the amount of $40 to the WQG. Youth category will not be voted on. Each youth entry will receive a ribbon and a complimentary admission bracelet to the quilt show. We will draw one name randomly on Thursday night so that the youth can be present at the closing ceremonies to receive the prize of a sewing machine generously donated by Cloth Castle.

Raffle Tickets. ALL tickets, sold or unsold, MUST be turned in to the Raffle Quilt Table NLT close of quilt show on Friday. All tickets MUST be accounted for.

Closing ceremonies will begin at 3 pm on Saturday. We will pass out prizes, and draw the winning tickets for the raffle quilts and raffle baskets.

Controlled Chaos. 4 pm on Saturday!!! Now the fun begins. We ask that guild members vacate the arena floor to the area outside the volunteer room at the end of the show. Tables will be set up and the committees spring into action! The upsy/downsy commicee will take down the quilts and pass them to the insy/outsie committee who will bring them to the tables outside the arena. Guild members simply have to line up to receive their quilts. There will be a second table for the guild store items and a procedure in place to account for your items. 7 pm on Saturday…..breathe……

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