Charity Society Bali Bonanza Batik Strip Challenge

  • For the challenge you will need to provide 10 bags of 4 batik strips each (may be “uglies”, the same/different, 2 FQ strips equals one strip, any colours, etc.).
  • The bags will be exchanged with 9 other people in your “stripper” group,
  • you will end up with 40 strips (equivalent to a jelly roll).
  •  signups will be at the Sept and Oct meetings. Signups are needed so that I know how many groups to form. Strips were exchanged at the Nov meeting.
  • Please message Sue Bruning at   if you have any questions
  • See the Westshore Quilters’ Guild Facebook page to post questions and info of general interest
  • The exchanges will happen at the November meeting and  possibly finished at the December meeting.
  • Quilts are requested to be finished by  June 2018. The Charity Society will be doing the  program  for the June General Meeting and the quilts will be displayed. 
  • The quilts will all be donated to the Charity Society for distribution to our designated charities. Quilting help can be provided, if needed.
  • The finished quilts should be at least 60 x 75 finished.
  • Everyone is welcome and encouraged to become a stripper!