Meeting Programs

Annual General Meeting – January

Games and Ice Cream Social – July

  • is our MOST exciting, social and perhaps a little competitive of the year!  It is our social gathering and games night! We will be playing 2 games: BINGO and LRC (left right centre).  Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play  either of the games, the players around you are “experts” and will be watching closely!!  For the BINGO game you will need a Fat Quarter per card.  You can play a maximum of 3 cards.  Each card will be good for 3 games (a line, an X and a full card).  Winners will receive huge bunches of FQs!!  You will need a highlighter pen to mark your BINGO card.The other game is LRC (Left Right Centre).  You will need four 2-1/2” strips (x WOF) in sunny bright summer colours.  We usually roll them up and secure them with elastics (but it’s optional).  We will have 3 games going simultaneously and the winner of each of the 3 games wins the strips from their table.  SEW MUCH FUN!!!

    And of course, what would a WQG social be without FOOD!!  We will have coffee, tea and lemonade.  Plus ice cream, sauces, sprinkles, toppings and more. 

Garage Sale – August

  • the garage sale table sign up sheet will be out at the July meeting for the upcoming garage sale in August.  You can sign up for a partial or a whole table, maximum of 3.  If you have any questions, the rules/procedures for the garage sale are in the last newsletter and on the website, or contact me

Birthday party – September

Christmas Tea – December